Why hire EZ Team?

EZ Team is a qualified, competent real estate team who will help you navigate the myriad of decisions which will arise when buying and selling a home.  EZ Team provides value by:  

  • Providing all marketing and advertising costs
  • Offering experience and expertise in all aspects of the sales process (marketing, financing, negotiations) 
  • Handling all showings
  • Delivering a network of known, trusted real estate professionals working for you
  • Keeping your interests in mind so you always have someone on your side
  • Advising on all price and contract negotiations
  • Providing you with honest, unbiased, and helpful advice on your home and options
  • Supplying knowledge to help you ask the right questions
  • Relaying objective feedback to help you make the necessary changes to get your home sold
  • Saving you time and money

Remember the 5 P's of Marketing

  • Product.  Your product--your home--should meet the need of a potential buyer.  Your home needs the right features:  It should be easy to access, visually interesting, and well-packaged.  Presentation is everything.  EZ Team can provide you the guidance to present your home in the best possible light.  We do this through strategic staging, high definition photography used in online marketing, and full color brochures.
  • Place.  While one the characteristics of real estate is that it is immovable, an understanding of the location's appeal is necessary for proper marketing.  For example, targeting a horse farm property to people who desire city living is not a good investment of advertising dollars.  Marketing a horse farm at horse shows--targeting the audience to those who desire the location--is a better use of resources.  EZ Team understands the area and can effectively showcase your home to the right audience.
  • Promotion.  Write this down!  Without proper promotion to attract your target buyer, you won’t sell your home.  Good promotion starts with a budget and marketing plan.  EZ Team can provide a sound marketing system that includes online promotion (multiple listing service, EZ Team Website, and social media), outdoor advertising, print media, and inter-agency promotion.  If your buyer is hanging out on Facebook and Twitter, EZ Team will be there building relationships that will turn into a sale.
  • Price.  When pricing your home you must know four things:  1) your cost;  2) what comparable homes have sold for;  3) what equity you might have in your home; and  4) what value your home has to a potential buyer.  Ask yourself these key questions, “What will it cost a potential buyer to not purchase my home, and what are the alternatives?"  If you can’t determine a perceived value, then you need to rethink pricing.  EZ Team will offer you tools which will aid in pricing your home in a market competitive range.  These will balance the need for the sale with your own objectives.
  • Profit.  Profit is equal to the equity in your home.  EZ Team will help you understand the total costs invovled in selling your home.   You will know the overall equity you can expect to take away from closing.  EZ Team will try to maximize your profit through sound negotiation with a potential buyer.